Hawks Bill Sea Turtles
An endangered species, the Green Sea Turtle are bred in captivity on Treasure Island and are housed in a Turtle Pond for a period of 12 months to protect themfrom natural predators. Treasure Island and the localFisheries Department have a program to protect these species, and when they are mature enough to survive in the wild, they are tagged and released. The turtles lay eggs only every three years.

In early March 2002, a very surprised guest in Bure 56 reported seeing 200 recently hatched baby turtles making their way across the front of their bure towards the beach!

Fiji Crested Iguana
This very rare iguana is only found on a few small islands in the Fiji group, indigenous only to Yaduataba Island off Vanua Levu, and is an endangered species with only 6,000 around the world. Recently introduced to Treasure Island are 8 Crested Iguana, five male and two females ‘Priscilla’ and ‘Biannca’ recently gave birth on the island. The iguana feed on the natural flora and fauna of Treasure including hibiscus, tropical fruits and have the unique ability to change colour when aroused and they are the only species of their kind. You can find the Iguana sanctuary located next to the turtle pond

Banded Rails
The endangered flightless Banded Rail was introduced to Treasure Island 10 years ago. A shy secretive bird similar in nature to the quail has become very friendly to guests staying on Treasure. You will see these birds ducking in and out of the bushes outside your bure. The Banded Rail are now in abundance and have become very cheeky. In some cases they will hop right into your bure or take a splash in your foot-bath outside!

Commonly known as the ‘Voracious Gecko’ these small lizards are cute, friendly and totally harmless. Geckos are highly valued as they eat spiders and small insects including spiders and mosquitoes. The more the merrier! The gecko was introduced to certain islands of the South Pacific Ocean by accident, due to human immigration and commerce. The species was apparently carried unknowingly aboard the sailing crafts of early Pacific settlers. Geckos with their sticky webbed feet have an extraordinary ability to ’stick’ to any surface and you may find them climbing the walls and ceiling of your bure and nearby trees. The gecko is arboreal and secretive and if your lucky you will hear them singing during the night time.

Treasures Of The Sea
The island of Treasure is a living sanctuary and protected marine reserve, you will see an abundance of aquatic and marine life in their natural habitat. The Marine boys are putting together an underwater snorkeling trail. Keep an eye out for the new coral growths that are appearing around the island and over 20 species of reef fish including the colourful parrot-fish, angel-fish, coral trout, barracuda, sweet lips, trevally, emperor, surgeon, unicorn, starfish and blue spotted stingray. For the fishing enthusiast, a deep sea fishing expedition can be arranged and our kitchen staff is happy to freshly cook your catch to your liking that evening.